About Us

Discover the Family 5 Axis Design Team

What We Do

Family  5 Axis Design creates models, molds, vacuform "bucks", parts, and props  for the entertainment, arts, theme parks, and even the aerospace  communities. We work in foams ranging from as light weight as one pound EPS or two pound Urethane up to twenty pound Urethane and higher as  well as plastics.


Why we do it

Our  commitment to delivering the best quality product to our customers, on  time and for the best price, has been our hallmark. We are proud to say,  we have never missed a due date nor delivered a less than perfect  product.

Our Relationships
Our  close relationship with other companies in the area allows us to  provide you with waterjet services as well as scanning, hard coating,  and fiber glassing assistance 

Our Team

​​​We  are proud to say that we are not only Family owned, but also, Veteran  and Female owned and operated. Our CEO is an Air Force veteran and came  to us after many years as a senior corporate IT Executive. Both our CFO  and our COO are ladies with distinguished careers in both public and  private educational systems. Our Director of Sales has many years of  experience in the entertainment industry covering both set construction  and design, and both our CNC Programmer and our Manufacturing Engineer  have over 45 years of experience between them with CNC machines of  various types and considerable amounts of experience with the  entertainment industry as well. In short, both our technical and our  management teams are well rounded and ready to fulfill your needs.